I am now Touch for Health proficient and am waiting for my certificate so I can update my insurance and start practising professionally.  Touch for Health is a branch of Kinesiology that, in my mind, really helps you to focus on your body, become aware of what it is doing, how you are standing etc.  As a counsellor this is something that I am always encouraging my clients to do.  It is all well and good ‘thinking’ about something, however we can get very caught up in what we should be doing, how we should be doing it, in fact anything that fits in with the ‘norm’ – what society expects of us etc etc.  It then becomes a habit and we forget to ‘listen’ to our bodies and what it is trying to tell us.  Feelings get pushed aside as if they have no place in the world.  Then we lose sight of ourselves.

Touch for Health helps to balance the body’s energy by working on the body in a safe and non-invasive way.  It can help us to identify what emotions are linked to our goals in life, this in turn can help us to recognise what has been stopping us from achieving something that we say we want to do.  When our energy is in balance the body works towards its goals with a new found enthusiasm.

I started the Touch for Health journey 15 years ago when it was something to be used on friends and family.  It is something that has always stayed with me in some way and I am now very happy that the proficiency level has become available and intend to use it much much more in my work.