I have just come back from walking our dogs in the nearby woods at Hawkley, where I was inspired to write this blog.

It was an effort this morning to drag myself out, it seemed cold and dreary and, as I was walking up the muddy field towards the woods, I wished I’d stayed at home.  The bracing wind was blowing in my face, the chill factor biting my skin and the soggy, grey clay clung to my boots making them feels twice the weight they actually are.  I was feeling irritable to be out!

I reached the woods and as I walked along the path in amongst the trees a sense of calm came over me.  I started to smile as I breathed in the clean, crisp air noticing the smell of the trees and leaves on the ground.  By the time I walked through a clearing into the field, looking out across the countryside to the woods on the other side of the field I was in, my smile widened.  The sky had cleared and I was bathed in sunshine as I looked up at the bright blue sky.  My mood had fully lifted by then and, as I put down my roots into the ground, drawing up the energy from the earth’s core I remembered why I love being in nature.

Even if you are not a huge fan of the outdoors there is much to be gained by being “in it”.  We need light to lift our mood, help us sleep, give us energy and reduce the amount of carbohydrates that we eat.  Even on a cloudy day we get more light than being in a brightly lit room.  Nature provides the negative ions that helps us to thrive in a healthy way.  Being outdoors helps to ease depression and anxiety.

If the winter puts you off from going outside try looking at it in another way.  Imagine the bracing wind blowing the cobwebs away or clearing any negative energy that is clinging to you.  Consider how winter is a time for resting, nuturing and re-building ready for the spring.  Notice how the trees ‘go within’ and conserve their energy before coming back out into the world in spring; they are nuturing their resources.  What do you need to do to nuture yourself?  What will help you to build your resources, ready to emerge in the spring?

My Walk and Talk therapy and Meridian Psychotherapy can help if you are finding the winter hard to manage, helping you to build your resources on all levels – mentally, emotionally and psychologically.  Contact me for an informal chat about your requirements.