Lots of people are feeling stressed because of the Coronavirus

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Is it affecting you? Are you feeling stressed during the Coronavirus outbreak? Don’t know how to cope? Clinical research shows that feeling stressed increases our cortisol levels.  This is the hormone that is responsible for the ‘Fight or Flight’ response. When we are in this mode we tend to feel highly anxious, fearful, scared and naturally lose the ability to think clearly.

High cortisol levels affect how stressed we feel and compromises our immune system, something that we really need right now. We can do many things to reduce cortisol allowing us to feel calmer and more relaxed about life.

How to cope with feeling stressed

Firstly, you might benefit from talking to someone. It might be anyone you know or, as is sometimes the case, someone outside of your usual support network. There are different styles of counselling and there are ways of coaching that incorporate both and give new ways of looking at things.

Secondly, another way of coping with feeling stressed is tapping. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has had many studies carried out on its efficacy; many more than all the different types of psychotherapy. EFT has been shown to reduced cortisol levels by 24.9% in just ONE HOUR!

This study was conducted by Dr Dawson Church in 2012 and studied the changes in stress biochemistry and psychological distress symptoms. The study included psycho-education and no treatment. It was shown that EFT had the greater reduction in cortisol over that one hour period. To read the article click here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/32162958

If you are feeling stressed with the coronavirus then I can help you by using counselling, coaching and EFT. I will listen to your concerns and worries, use EFT to bring down your anxiety and coach you so that you will be able to look at your current situation in a different, and more positive light.

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