I am a holistic counsellor and therapist based in Liss, East Hampshire. I am an accredited Reiki practitioner and experienced in multi-disciplinary counselling. My therapies include EFT Tapping, Reiki and Kinesiology.

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Improving Physical and Mental Health with Holistic Wellbeing

Jane contacted her GP due to high stress and anxiety. Her blood pressure was spiking at around 249/126 and she has two stents fitted. Jane’s GP referred her to me to see if I could help her to reduce her stress levels.

A few months previously, Jane had had a very lucky escape in a major car accident whilst in Australia. Jane had also suffered a fall, and had familial concerns causing her worry. Jane's son separated from his wife and she was concerned for her granddaughter, who was caught in the middle. She admitted that she is unable to say ‘no’ and is always there for everyone else.

I quickly established that EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - was going to be the best treatment for Jane's needs, so I explained EFT Tapping and showed Jane the routine. We spoke more about her fears linked with the accident and of her husband's driving, as he had been the one driving in Australia. It’s always best to put as much detail into the set-up as possible and use the client’s words. We began tapping on ‘I feel anxious when my husband is driving because of the accident in Australia, I feel nauseous in my solar plexus and my heart starts racing’.

Changing Methods and Perspectives

We drastically reduced Jane's anxiety levels after two rounds of EFT, so we changed how we tapped. This time I asked her to ‘tell the story’, as this helps the client to focus on what happened and access different memories. Jane became very tearful as she had not spoken about it at all. This had a cathartic effect, but she found it hard to continue so I used a kinesiology technique to help reduce her upset.

It took altogether four sessions of focused tapping to heal from the intense emotion linked to the accident, including us dealing with the memories of another incidents. We were thrilled when Jane’s blood pressure reduced to 123/71 on average.

Jane continued for a further two sessions after this. We tapped on her perception of stressful situations and saying ‘No’ more often. She left her treatment free of anxiety; consequently feeling calm, happy and much more positive about being in a car with her husband.

Helen Gibbs - Holistic Therapist

Accredited Practitioner - EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)